How does the artist selection process work?

We are artist run and look to find art that we believe appeals and supports the community. Once a month as a group we look at the Instagram portfolio of new artists to determine overall fit. 

We are open to all art forms: video, sculpture, painting, photography, multimedia, drawing, and old-school printmaking. 

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How is groupform different from Saatchi Art, ArtFinder, or Etsy?

We offer a small scale curated experience, not a warehouse of artists whose work is buried in thousands of scrolling pages. 

Also, unlike some of our online competitors, we don't take a 30% commission. For those of us self-representing, it makes a difference. A New York gallery may justify such commissions but they have invested energy, time, space and resources to promote the artist. 

How many artists are part of groupform?

We are looking to build the community now up to 20 to 25 artists maximum. We want the collective to be intimate and believe you can not really effectively showcase the work of artists in a mass market type of platform. 

We want collectors to browse the work available not have to search and do endless scrolling.

How much will I pay?

Only 5% of what you sell is put aside, primarily to maintain, improve and market the site. 

This is far less than the 30% (minus promotions) you'll find on most our competitors who provide little more than payment capabilities (most of us have found the promotions and marketing done on the larger mass-market art sites really serves the platform, not the artists themselves).

How does the site operate? What are the day-to-day expectations?

All artists in the collective have access to sales dashboards so the experience is fully transparent (login to shopify).

All transactions and customer data is managed by Shopify which provides tools to manage inventory, placement, sales, shipping, etc. 

We have universal policies around shipping and returns. These are agreed to by the collective. 

We prefer if this is the primary selling platform for artists so they can invest the time in properly promoting themselves and the work of other collective members. 

We recommend you continue to market yourself on various internet channels, including Instagram, twitter, facebook, and pinterest. Groupform will will promote the collective but will not market you directly.

Groupform is simply offering a platform that allows you to retain more of the money you've earned. 

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