Thanks for taking the time to learn more about groupform Collective. 

We began as a website for a single artist and realized that there's a need to create something better than the mass-market art experience for collectors and artists. 

Like many artists that sell direct to collectors, Christy Elizabeth Thiaucourt, was not only creating and promoting herself in social media she was also actively managing her portfolio across several different art marketplaces. 

With little to no control about how her work was viewed by collectors, and few if any interactions with collectors themselves, she decided to create a platform that supported artists the way she wanted to be supported. 

Groupform collective aims to provide artists a platform and community minus the 30% commissions often charged to artists on leading platforms. 

We are curated by the artists that sell on the site. Our community is bound by common ideals not necessarily mediums or artists statements. All artists are approved by the community and the community supports and promotes all artists on Groupform. We are creating a artist-curated-art-buying experience for collectors

We feel strongly that artists should retain more money when they sell direct to collectors. Like many artists who sell their work primarily online, they promote themselves on Instagram and other platforms, handle shipping and client relationships, and should therefore earn more of the proceeds of their art. .

Submit your portfolio (instagram is fine) and we'll get back to you in a few days.

In addition to saving you expensive commissions groupform also provides a nuturing community of artists who support each other and benefit from ideas, shared pop-sales, and promotions. 

Artists are in control of promotions, sales, and discounts given. Artists have access to a sales dashboard and can create promotions, gift cards, manage the presentation of their collections etc. 

We work together as a community to promote and seed the community with collectors. 

All of this with the security of a leading provider of eCommerce platforms, Shopify. All customer data and transactions are secure and customers have the security of knowing their data is safe.